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From hackathons to musical extravaganzas, we conceptualized and executed a variety of events for VMware. Across all of these events, we kept in mind the organizational goals with regard to employee engagement, talent acquisition, and the tech-centric nature of its business.

Given how common hackathons are in tech companies, we gave a distinct identity to the event and a reason for techies to participate.

To do so, we came up with the idea of a “Green Hat Hacker”, someone who was not just good at technology, but also identified himself with a larger organizational goal. The colour green was a subtle reference to sustainability in the context of technology. Most of all, the idea to give the event a manifesto for the event was inspired from artists whose work was meaningful. All of this was summed up by the tagline of “Not just a beta tomorrow”.

As for the event itself, over a period of two days, we created a conducive space for techies, showcased VMware as a tech-centric workplace, and contributed to employee engagement.”

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