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Dell had partnered with Spider-Man: Homecoming for the launch of its range of gaming laptops. We executed an integrated campaign around this partnership and employed touch points like airport videos, workspace branding, campaign collaterals, web banners, and a PR event to reach out to a wide-cross section of audience.

By drawing a parallel between the superiority of the laptop and the superpowers of Spider-Man, we positioned Dell Gaming as an array of options for a diverse set of gamers, from pros to aspiring gamers. This campaign not only reinforced Dell as a market leader in gaming, but also nudged prospective buyers and impacted sales.


Airport Activation

UB City, Bangalore

Mall Activation


Airport Activation

Paint the town red. And blue!

Be it hoardings, banners, or airport videos, we used a variety of ATL communication mediums and put our design prowess into action. We created a 3D banner opposite the Dell office in Bangalore. Our videos were used in airports at Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, and helped create targeted communication.

Talk to the Fans

We entered into a tie-up with BookMyShow and ran 12 ads across Mobile/WAP, App, and Desktop. Given the similarity between gamers and superhero movie fans, we had to target fans of the Spider-Man movie franchise. Through this ad campaign, we reached out to fans and made an impactful introduction of Dell’s gaming laptops to prospective buyers.

Turning Employees Into Evangelists

The campaign would have been incomplete if we didn’t involve Dell employees. Through office branding and internal communication, we turned employees into evangelists of the brand and supplemented other aspects of the campaign.

Life-like Games Need Larger Than Life Launch

We responded with a host of unique ideas spread across three stages. This included spreading awareness among employees, getting a buy-in from dealers, and doing an unconventional PR launch with the media. To maximise the impact, we used non-traditional launch methods such as using drones, handled end-to-end transportation for delegates -to give the launch a ‘larger-than-life’ feel, designed curtain raiser videos to get the adrenalin running amongst the audience, and interlaced celebrity value and entertainment into the mix to make the events memorable.


By going beyond the traditional ideas of promotion, we not only enhanced the reach but also cemented a strong relationship with a global brand.

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