Dell Gaming Launch
Game-ready Launch for Game-ready Machines

The campaign began with an experiential event in Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi in which Dell unveiled its products. Attended by senior media persons, the event featured a cosplay activity, live VR demos, hands-on experience of the products, and interactions with Dell leaders.

Be it setting up the venue or turning it into a gaming arena overnight, we ensured that the event gave just the high-powered launch Dell needed.

While it is common for gaming brands to charge for their merchandise, we gave away free and premium goodies like bags, bands, and shirts to all attendees, as a means to reinforce Dell as the default gaming option.

The quintessential gamer doesn’t need to be wooed with words. Hence, our ads let the design take the lead, and showcase the design, build, and gaming capabilities. In addition, the ‘no-nonsense’ copy appeals to the gamers’ psyche – positioning Dell Gaming as a serious brand committed to their mission.

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