ACE Challenge 2017
Email to Event, and Everything in between
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Organised by Amazon India, ACE Challenge is a case study competition in which graduates from India’s best B-Schools participate. From managing digital presence, informing participants, to organizing the competition itself, we were end-to-end partners for communications and experiential. This was also the first time in the competition’s history that a single partner was selected for all the work.

Crisp, Catchy, Consistent

Far from just informing, our job was to attract the brightest minds of India’s education system. The messaging had to be broad enough to capture all of e-commerce and yet crisp enough to catch the eye. Keeping all this in mind, we came up with the theme – Innovate. Strategize. Simplify. These three verbs not only refer to what a successful business needs, but also the traits required.

Be it the imagination for innovation, logic that creates strategy, or the artistry behind simplicity, we wanted to depict the competition as a test of one’s thinking.

Informing and Attracting Participants

We employed clever visuals and interesting analogies to create tweets, Facebook posts, and short videos, all of which were executed with clockwork precision. Having received over 3000 registrations from teams across the country, the communication not only conveyed the message but also brought in participation.

From Registration To D-Day

Apart from handling social media presence, we also took care of all online work related to organizing the event. More specifically, we updated the website, sent e-mails to participants for every stage of the competition, and even organized the Grand Finale of the event.

ACEing the ACE Challenge

After a month-long, frenetic campaign involving activation, registration, contest promotion, and social media promotion that led to registrations from over 3000 teams across Asia, we set out to organize the Grand Finale of the ACE Challenge.

Using clever, understated and effective messaging and space design, we created an atmosphere that matched the seriousness of a “gruelling test for the brightest minds.” This was complemented by photo-booths, participant wall, and other engagement ideas that served as a breather and recreational options for the participants.

By going beyond the traditional ideas of promotion, we not only enhanced the reach but also cemented a strong relationship with a global brand.
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